• September 18, 2019

10 Funny Dog Puns

10 Funny Dog Puns

10 Funny Dog Puns 683 1024 Superior Canine


Whether you’re looking for something funny to write in a dog-loving friend’s birthday card or if you simply need a laugh, these funny dog puns will have you howling. From cute to clever, we’ve got them all. You can even use these funny dog puns for the next Instagram caption on your dog’s account (we know you have one). 

Why did the Dalmatian hide?

He didn’t want to be spotted.

What did the polite dog say?

Thanks fur everything!

What do dogs do on dates?

Whining and dining.

Who’s a dog’s favourite superhero?


What type of dogs are good at science?


What happened to the dog who gave birth on the side of the road?

She was ticketed for littering!

What do you call a dog magician?

A labrabacadadbrador!

Why did the dog visit the dentist?

He had cavities in his canines.

What do you call people who take pictures of dogs?


What did the dog catcher say to the puppy?

You ain’t nothin’ but a pound dog.

Which of these funny dog puns did you like the most? Do you have more for us to add to the list? Don’t forget to spread the joy by sharing this article on social media, emailing it to your coworkers, or printing it out to put on the fridge. Every pet parent is sure to love these pawsitively hilarious dog puns. If you enjoyed it, be sure to check out our doggone funny dog jokes too!

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