• October 4, 2019

Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs 800 533 Superior Canine


Need some help coming up with the funniest, scariest, or easiest Halloween costumes for dogs? As long as your dog doesn’t mind participating in the festivities, then we have plenty of ideas for how you can dress them up. To ensure it’s all treats and no tricks, we recommend reading our Guide to Halloween Safety for Dogs before you head out on the hunt for candy with your pup. If you dare to enjoy Halloween alongside your furry friend, then at least you’ll know you’re equipped with the knowledge to keep your dog comfortable and safe all night long.


Got a goofy dog on your hands? A funny costume is sure to suit their temperament. We suggest dressing them up as another animal such as a cat, lobster, or cow to keep everyone howling. If you think a food-themed costume would be funny for your treat-loving or food obsessed dog, consider the traditional hot dog costume, or more adventurous bacon dog outfit, instead. Feeling committed to the cause? It’s always extra funny to see an owner who has dressed up to match their dog, so don’t be afraid to put on a complementary costume, too!


There’s nothing scary about an obedient, happy-go-lucky puppy, but that’s all the more reason to embrace an ironically menacing look for one day of the year. Your dog will be too cute to spook dressed in a spider or shark costume. Even a simple set of doggy devil horns will look great. After all, every dog has a devilish moment of destruction at some point or another. If you really want to go for a scary look, dress your pup as a wild zombie dog.


In a hurry? These easy costume ideas will make your dog look just as festive, without the hassle. The quickest bet is to shop online or head to a nearby local Halloween shop, since dog costumes are becoming increasingly popular and easy to find. If you’ve run out of time to head to the store, you can keep reading to get ideas for homemade costumes that make use of household items. Finally, you may be able to easily repurpose your own clothing and costumes to dress up your dog by attaching a smart bowtie or sparkly hair scrunchie to their harness or collar.


If you’re feeling crafty, these DIY costumes for dogs are just the thing. Most of them can be put together using simple materials you have laying around your house. If not, a quick trip to the local craft store is all you need. As mentioned above, consider repurposing your own accessories such as a bowtie or scrunchie to attach to your dog’s harness, leash, or collar. You can also refit an old graphic t-shirt, tutu, or kids backpack to put on your dog, keeping in mind it should be loose enough that it’s not restrictive, but still tight enough that it won’t cause your dog to trip or get tangled.

Which of these Halloween costumes for dogs are you going to pick for your pup? Better yet, do you have more than one dog you’ll be dressing up? We would love to hear your ideas and see pictures of your dog in costume from your Halloween bash or trick-or-treating. No matter the look you’re going for, be it silly or spooky, we’re sure everyone will love seeing your dog dressed up. If your dog is nervous around loud noises or large groups, we suggest brushing up on the Guide to Halloween Safety for Dogs. It might be best to keep your dog home in their kennel in the evening, but take them for a morning walk or trip to the office in their costume instead.

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