• July 3, 2019

10 Best Puppy Jokes

10 Best Puppy Jokes

10 Best Puppy Jokes 800 533 Superior Canine


Puppies always keep us laughing, but it never hurts to read through a few extra puppy jokes. Equal parts clumsy and curious, puppies are always getting into predicaments. Whether it’s slipping down the stairs or chasing their own tail, we love watching their antics. Sometimes, however, caring for a puppy can be frustrating, difficult, and downright exhausting. To help ease the pain of having your new shoes chewed up, or cleaning up messes on the floor, we’ve compiled the 10 best puppy jokes. Keep these bookmarked for the next time you or a friend needs a laugh to get through handling the mischief a new puppy brings.

What did the skeleton say to the puppy?

Bone appetit.

What do you call a fat puppy?

A little husky.

What do you call a really cold puppy?

A pupsicle.

Why did the man put a Timex on the puppy?

He wanted to raise a watchdog.

Who babysits puppies when their parents are away?

Their grand-paw.

What do puppies and storytellers have in common?

They both have tails.

Why’s it called a litter of puppies?

They mess up the whole house.

What do puppies eat for breakfast?

Pooched eggs.

What do puppies eat for dinner?

Pupperoni pizza.

Why’s a puppy like a coin?

It has a head on one side and a tail on the other.

We hope we had you laughing with this selection of the best puppy jokes! Patience is key when it comes to training your new puppy, and at times you can’t help but laugh (or cry). Stepping back to take a break from the challenges facing puppy owners can help to clear your mind. That’s why we love reading through the best puppy jokes to know we’re all facing the same difficulties. If you need a helping hand getting your puppy or adult dog on the right track, always know we’re here for you. We’re just a call or email away next time you have a question to ask or need hands-on assistance with obedience training.

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