The 5 Don’ts of a Well-Behaved Dog 800 533 Superior Canine

The 5 Don’ts of a Well-Behaved Dog

DON’T PROCRASTINATE ON BASIC TRAINING Basic training is essential when it comes to creating a calm, well-adjusted, and obedient family pet. Oftentimes, much of the anxiety we can observe in…

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Superior Canine Training Inc. Head dog trainer Aaron Kemp conducting a dog training session with an on-leash large dog.
The 5 Do’s of a Well-Behaved Dog 800 534 Superior Canine

The 5 Do’s of a Well-Behaved Dog

BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR EXPECTATIONS Consistency is most commonly associated with maintaining obedience skills, as well as upholding boundaries and limitations within your household. This concept certainly rings true. Unused…

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Adopt, Don’t Shop 800 534 Superior Canine

Adopt, Don’t Shop

ADOPT, DON’T SHOP We’re not here to judge. There are valid reasons for seeking out a professional dog breeder, especially when it comes to working dogs. However, if you’re looking…

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Puppies Aren’t Presents 800 534 Superior Canine

Puppies Aren’t Presents

PUPPIES AREN’T PRESENTS It’s simple: puppies aren’t presents. We’ll admit we would love to see a puppy under the tree this holiday season, but we know it’s not worth the…

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Crate Training 101 800 534 Superior Canine

Crate Training 101

CRATE TRAINING 101 Welcome to Crate Training 101. We’re here to demystify the process of crate training your dog. We’ll start with the benefits of crate training, then move into…

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