Guide to Fall Safety for Dogs 800 534 Superior Canine

Guide to Fall Safety for Dogs

GUIDE TO FALL SAFETY FOR DOGS We love our dogs, and their safety is a top priority all year round. However, each season brings on different risks, and it can…

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Fall Activities with your Dog in BC 800 534 Superior Canine

Fall Activities with your Dog in BC

FALL ACTIVITIES WITH YOUR DOG IN BC Summer is nearing its end, but the fun doesn’t have to stop just because the weather is cooling down! We’ve compiled this list…

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Superior Canine Training Inc. Head dog trainer Aaron Kemp conducting a dog training session with an on-leash large dog.
Fall Dog Jokes 800 534 Superior Canine

Fall Dog Jokes

FALL DOG JOKES As the seasons change and we welcome autumn, the cooler weather brings a new set of possibilities when it comes to spending time with our dogs. We…

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Halloween Dog Jokes 800 533 Superior Canine

Halloween Dog Jokes

HALLOWEEN DOG JOKES As spooky season approaches, many pet owners worry about the effects it may have on their animals. Costumes, fireworks, and strangers knocking on the door can all…

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Dog Jokes for Dads 800 533 Superior Canine

Dog Jokes for Dads

ULTIMUTT DOG JOKES FOR DADS What are dog jokes for dads, you ask? Dad humour is in a class of its own. They’re the jokes you love to hate. Even…

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