• November 4, 2020

Christmas Dog Quotes

Christmas Dog Quotes

Christmas Dog Quotes 800 534 Superior Canine


We’re big believers that no Christmas or holiday card is complete without signing off the names of all of your pets. After all, when a card or gift is from the whole family, that certainly includes our pets. These Christmas dog quotes are just what you need to spruce up cards, Instagram captions, or personalized gifts such as quote t-shirts and mugs. These heartwarming, cheery, and downright festive Christmas dog quotes are sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

We woof you a hairy Christmas!


Seasons grrrrrreetings!


Yappy Howlidays!


Dog bless you.


Fur you, from us.


Unleash the holiday cheer this Christmas.


Deck the paws with bows of collie.


You look pawsitively fetching this Christmas.


¡Feliz Naughty Dog!


Have a doggone good Christmas!


Hairy Christmas! Love, Santa Paws.


How are you spending the holidays this year? If you want to skip the small talk with relatives, head over to our list of Christmas dog jokes for tons of comedic material to break the ice and lighten the mood. Also, don’t forget, we’re just a call away if you need a little assistance to get your dog into holiday mode. We can help with tricky behaviour issues that seem to be exaggerated by holiday stressors. If that’s not a concern, why not work with us to brush up your dog’s obedience skills or teach them some new party tricks? Trust us, it’s an activity both you and your dog are sure to enjoy, and the extra mental stimulation is great for your furry friend.

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