• December 15, 2020

Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Christmas Gifts for Dogs

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Most of the fun of giving gifts is watching your recipient’s reaction as they open them. Even better than watching your friends and family open gifts is watching pets open their presents. That’s why we’ve put together this list of Christmas gifts for dogs. Rather than wrapping up the same old chew toys each year, these presents for pets are sure to be useful and versatile. Don’t forget to add in a cute plushie or squeaky toy to ensure the dog isn’t too disappointed!


If you live in a rainy climate, waterproof gear is essential for all. Topping our list of Christmas gifts for dogs is a washable, durable weatherproof coat. Dog jackets that provide some protection on the dog’s belly are very helpful for keeping mud at bay, while the rest of the jacket keeps the dog dry and insulated. When your gift recipient gets home after a long walk through the elements, they’ll love the convenience of only needing to dry off their dog’s paws.


We can’t help but emphasize this gift idea for the layer of protection it adds to both the dog and owner. Reflective dog leashes are one of our top suggestions when it comes to Christmas gifts for dogs. They help provide visibility in the dark, which is great for early morning or late night walks, as well as rainy days. It can help drivers to see that the person is walking with a dog. If the dog ever escapes their owner, it can also provide an extra layer of visibility so they can be seen on the road or hiding in the bushes.


Personalized dog tags are as practical as they are adorable. If you have your recipient’s preferred phone number, we suggest adding it to the dog tags in case they ever get lost. Including the dog’s name is not only cute, it can help good samaritans to know their name so they can calm the animal and help find the owner. Dog tags can be attached to any collar or harness, but we suggest keeping in mind how big or small the dog is and finding a suitable size and weight for the tags.


Affordable and thoughtful, giving healthy homemade dog treats as a gift is a great idea. You can find recipes online to bake your own, or head to a specialty pet store to find pre-made options with simple, wholesome ingredients. Skip the fillers and preservatives by buying fresh or getting your hands dirty in your own kitchen. We think all of the dogs out there will put this suggestion at the top of their Christmas wish lists this year.


Training and healthy dog treats go hand-in-hand. All the better are one-on-one dog training sessions that are customized to the need of the dog and owner. From basic obedience to sport-specific training, working with a professional is sure to be a rewarding, helpful, and mentally-stimulating experience for both the dog and their owner. The true dog lovers on your holiday shopping list will love the thoughtfulness of this one.

Okay, we admit dogs might not enjoy biting into these presents, but their owners are sure to love them. As long as you include a fun toy along with the gift, you’ll knock gift giving out of the park this holiday season. Sometimes we overlook investing in the essentials, such as waterproof dog coats, but they sure can make life better and more convenient each day. That’s why we think these are the perfect Christmas gifts for dogs.

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