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Local Dog Parks: Burnaby

Local Dog Parks: Burnaby

Local Dog Parks: Burnaby 800 534 Superior Canine


It’s clear there are plenty of dog lovers in Burnaby, given the number of dog-friendly parks and trails located throughout the city. There are many open off-leash spaces, as well as fenced in enclosures that are perfect for playing a game of fetch. Even if you’re not from the area, you can often find parking nearby, so why not drive over to Burnaby for your next dog walk? Your furry friend will enjoy setting out on a new adventure with you, all while gaining the physical and mental health benefits of fresh air, fun, and exercise.


A popular spot for residents and visitors alike, David Gray Park is one of the many dog-friendly outdoor spaces in Burnaby. It boasts a large off-leash enclosure where you can let your dog socialize with other pups. After all of the fun and games, you can keep yourself and your dog hydrated by utilizing the drinking fountains. This park has a balance of trees and open, grassy areas, so we suggest putting it at the top of the list of places to check out.


If you’re looking to find a view of the water on your next dog walk, why not check out Barnet Marine Park? There’s a trial off-leash area along the shoreline, but be mindful of the time restrictions that have been put in place. Additionally, as with all off-leash areas, it’s important to keep your dog under control to prevent them from chasing wildlife or having undesired interactions with other dogs and park visitors.


Robert Burnaby Park offers several trails for you to explore with your furry friend. Keep an eye out for the designated off-leash trail, or head over to the off-leash enclosure. This park features parking and trash cans near the entrance, so keep this in mind when planning your route. No matter which trail you choose to walk, you’re sure to have a pleasant experience taking in the sights and spending quality time with your dog.


Malvern Park in Burnaby offers yet another great trail where you can let your dog off-leash. Take a stroll along the trail on a warm summer day to enjoy the shade offered by the tall trees, or head to the open area if you want more room for a game of fetch. Bring along your dog’s favourite toy for a bit of bonding time with your canine companion. Just like in all off-leash spaces, you’ll want to take out your dog’s toys and treats only when the space is quiet to keep possessive behaviour to a minimum. As long as you’re mindful of the other park visitors, you’ll all love visiting Malvern Park.


If you’re in search of a family-friendly park where you can also bring your dog, we recommend Burnaby Heights Park. There are sporting courts where your family can play and get in their exercise, as well as an off-leash area specifically for your pup. Particularly during warm weather, but still relevant during all times of the year, there are drinking fountains available on-site. Whenever you’re running and playing with your dog and family, it’s important for you all to remember to stay hydrated and cool.


Off-leash enclosures are ideal for puppies and dogs in training, given that they provide a designated space for you to practice commands or allow socialization with other pets. Warner Loat Park features an off-leash space that’s fully fenced in. The enclosure is quite large, although you can also venture out to the off-leash trail that’s also located in this park. With an abundance of trees, as well as grassy areas, we suggest visiting this spot if you haven’t already.


While off-leash enclosures offer a barrier between your dog and the outside world, we all know some puppies are escape artists right from the start. It takes practice and patience to feel comfortable allowing your dog off-leash, even in a fenced in area, but Taylor Park offers a double gate to put your mind a bit more at ease. In addition, you’ll also find a drinking fountain at this dog-friendly spot, which is always a welcomed amenity.


Confederation Park offers yet another off-leash area for dogs in Burnaby. One highlight of this park is that there are separate spaces for large and small dogs. If you’re looking to take a walk alongside your furry friend, there’s also an off-leash trail where both yourself and your dog can enjoy socializing with local residents. As with many of the parks in Burnaby, you’ll have access to a drinking fountain to fill up your bowls and water bottles.


Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park, connecting with Byrne Creek Dyke Trail, comes last but not least on our list of dog-friendly parks. There’s parking available near the off-leash enclosure, and you can also allow your dog off-leash along the walking trail. It’s a convenient option if you’re not from the area since you can pack up your car with everything you need, but it’s also well liked among local residents. Regardless of where you’re coming from, you’re sure to find fun and enjoyment while exploring the area with your dog.

Can’t decide which park to head to next? We suggest starting with David Gray Park, but you can’t go wrong with any of the dog-friendly off-leash areas in Burnaby. Once you’ve explored all of the options, you can also learn more about the dog parks in Richmond, Surrey, or other nearby areas in our Guide to Local Dog Parks. Let us know which spots are your favourite destinations!

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