• March 8, 2018

Local Dog Parks: Mission

Local Dog Parks: Mission

Local Dog Parks: Mission 800 534 Superior Canine


Mission, British Columbia offers vast areas of natural beauty, making it a destination you need to have on your radar when it comes to walking your dog. The area features many dog-friendly beaches and bodies of water, so it’s especially helpful to know your way around if you want to take your dog swimming. As always, we’ve highlighted the best trails and parks to visit with your furry friend, so we encourage you to get out there and start exploring.


We couldn’t compile this list without mentioning Fraser River Heritage Park, the largest park in Mission. Offering scenic views of the surrounding area, as well as a rose garden, we recommend visiting if you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. This area is popular for picnics and group gatherings, so we suggest being aware of small children in the area. While dogs must be kept on-leash, it’s still one of the top dog walking destinations in Mission.


Centennial Park features an off-leash area so you can let your dog run and play. Remember to follow the guidelines, including keeping your dog under control at all times, to ensure yourself and the other visitors have a comfortable and safe experience. You’ll find this park is perfect to exercise not only your dog, but the rest of your family, too. There are paved trails, tennis courts, picnic tables, and washrooms open to the public in this location.


Often quite peaceful and secluded, Hayward Lake tends not to be too crowded. While it can be popular during peak times, for the most part you can expect the freedom to walk your dog without disruption. Locals commonly boast about the tranquility of this destination, but it’s also a great spot for high intensity activities such as swimming, mountain biking, and boating.


Whether you want to enjoy a quick swim or quiet picnic, Neilson Regional Park is another location worth visiting with your dog in Mission. There’s plenty of wildlife to view, although it’s important to be on the lookout for larger animals that could present danger to yourself and your dog, such as bears. Pack a lunch to enjoy at one of the picnic tables, then head down to Hatzic Lake for a walk along the pathways or dip in the water.


Lightburn Park is a favourite among locals. Families will love this location, given that it’s the perfect spot for an afternoon dog walk or playtime with the kids. Offering shady trees, plenty of grass, and even swing sets, it’s no wonder residents love visiting this park. Take a stroll with your dog, or seek out a grassy space to play a game of fetch or work on obedience training.

What do you recommend as the top dog parks in Mission for walking, hiking, or swimming? With so many parks and trails to explore, we would love to hear about your favourite spots. We also suggest checking out the rest of our guides to local dog parks, including the best places to walk your dog in Abbotsford, BC.

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