• May 3, 2018

Local Dog Parks: Surrey

Local Dog Parks: Surrey

Local Dog Parks: Surrey 800 534 Superior Canine


There are tons of must-see dog walking destinations in the Lower Mainland, and Surrey is home to many of our favourite spots. The community has done an exceptional job of creating welcoming parks to enjoy alongside your furry friend. From swimming spots to grassy fields, you’re sure to find an abundance of areas to explore.


Featured as one of the best places to walk your dog in the Lower Mainland, Clayton Dog Off-Leash Park offers everything you need in an enclosed space to let your dog run free. It’s a popular spot welcoming visitors from the surrounding areas, so it’s not a surprise that parking is available nearby. There are separate off-leash spaces for large and small dogs, offering an abundance of grass, trees, and even paved pathways. Best of all, your furry friend will be thankful for the dog water fountain after spending time running and playing.


We find Forsyth Park to be a unique place to bring your loyal companion. We’re fans of the spacious off-leash area and all it offers. There’s a forested area to explore, as well as log play elements to provide endless physical and mental activity for your dog. This park also features a playground and picnic tables, making it a worthy destination for your next outing with the whole family. Pack a lunch and enjoy all that’s available in this wonderful outdoor space.


If you’re looking for a new outdoor place to enjoy on a sunny day, we suggest heading over to Dogwood Park. You can keep cool under the shade of the forested area. The off-leash area includes pathways through trees and bushes, so there are plenty of sights, sounds, and smells for yourself and your furry friend to enjoy. As residents know, British Columbia is known for its natural beauty, and we consider this park to be no exception to that.


Our breakdown of local dog parks in Surrey, BC wouldn’t be complete without including a dog-friendly swimming spot. While dogs aren’t allowed on the regular beaches during the warmer months of the year, the off-leash area does include beach access. In addition to the sandy section, there’s also grass and gravel for your dog to run around on. While you’re there, we highly recommend the nature trail walk. It’s a great area for spotting wildlife, and birds in particular.


If yourself and your dog share a love for frisbee, you need to check out Serpentine Dog Off-Leash Park. Exercise is essential for your dog’s mental and physical well-being, so it’s the perfect excuse to get some fresh air while allowing your dog to play. With over a hectare of open space, there’s no shortage of room to run around. There are also pathways to walk throughout the park, so it’s a good option all around when you want to visit a new space.


Tynehead Regional Park is a well-rounded destination for the whole family. With a fish hatchery, meadows, and an abundance of wildlife along the trails, even kids will enjoy exploring this park. The off-leash area for dogs is quite exceptional, boasting 2.5 hectares of space. It also extends to trails that allow dogs on-leash, so plan to make a day of it and allow at least a few hours to take in all of the sights.

There are so many dog parks in Surrey, BC that we had to narrow down our guide to our top picks. You’ll find there’s no shortage of off-leash areas, swimming spots, and trails surrounded by natural beauty. If you’ve enjoyed reading this list, make sure you share it with your friends so you can visit some of these places together.

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