• August 20, 2020

Fall Dog Jokes

Fall Dog Jokes

Fall Dog Jokes 800 534 Superior Canine


As the seasons change and we welcome autumn, the cooler weather brings a new set of possibilities when it comes to spending time with our dogs. We love crisp morning walks among the trees as they change colour, and our dogs certainly love to jump through the falling leaves. Summer is great for dog-friendly swimming and hiking, but it can often get too hot to exercise our dogs during the middle of the day. Whether or not you enjoy the fall season, you’re sure to love these fall dog jokes.

What’s a dog’s favourite Starbucks order?

A pupper spice latte.

Why do you wear boots when it’s raining cats and dogs?

In case you step on a poodle!

What do puppies call the fall season?


Why do some dogs wear sweaters?

So they don’t become chili dogs.

Why did the dog leaf his position at the bank?

He wasn’t promoted to branch manager.

Why was the dog laughing at Thanksgiving dinner?

He ate a funny bone.

What did the dog dress up as for Halloween?

A pug-kin.

Did you fall in love with these autumn dog jokes? We hope we got at least a couple of laughs out of you. No matter how dreary the weather, dogs always brighten our day. If you’re feeling stuck indoors, these dog toys for mental exercise should help keep your pup occupied in between walks. Autumn is a great time to buckle down and focus on training your dog. If you’re looking for a professional dog trainer, we even offer one-on-one training sessions in your home. It’s a great way to prepare your pet for spending a bit more time at home throughout the colder months, and as a bonus you don’t even need to brave the rain.

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