• November 11, 2019

Gifts for Dog Lovers Without Dogs

Gifts for Dog Lovers Without Dogs

Gifts for Dog Lovers Without Dogs 1000 750 Superior Canine


During the holiday season, you may find yourself shopping for gifts for dog lovers without dogs. We know how hard it can be when someone you love wishes they had a dog in their life, but it’s simply not an option. Whether their schedule doesn’t allow it, they travel a lot, or they’re not living in a pet-friendly home, there are plenty of reasons that would leave a dog lover without a dog of their own. Fortunately, with someone as thoughtful as you in their life, they may be surprised by a gift they can truly appreciate, such as spending quality time with you and your dog!


Is there anything better than waking up to see your dog every day? The dog lover in your life can feel that way too, even if they don’t have a dog of their own. There are monthly and daily calendar options with incredible photography, and you’re sure to find the perfect option to suit their preferences. Whether they’d enjoy funny photos, cute photos, or stunning works of art, there’s something for everyone in your life. If you’re feeling creative and have some dog photos on your phone or camera, you can even work with a local or online shop to create your own personalized calendar as a gift for them – or yourself!


Being able to rescue a dog may not be an option, but the recipient of your present is sure to feel great knowing they can still help make a difference. Pledging to donate to a dog shelter or charity organization of their choice makes a great gift. It’s a win-win, since you can both feel good about contributing to a great cause. If it’s an option, consider taking them to make a donation in person. If you arrange it ahead of time, many shelters will allow you to take a dog for a walk. Just be warned, we don’t necessarily recommend this for young children, since they may not understand why they can’t take the dog home with them.


Younger dog lovers without dogs will be happy to have a furry friend of their own, even if it happens to be a plushie. While children may beg for a puppy for Christmas, most parents know the novelty of caring for the dog will soon become their responsibility. Instead of taking on the task of catering to the needs of a real dog, kids are sure to love the fun and joy that comes along with their plush pup. Big or small, fluffy or short-haired, there’s sure to be a plush dog that’s perfectly suited to your gift recipient. Even better, you can get creative with unique options, such as rainbow coloured dogs or even a cute dog purse.


Quality time is the best gift of all, especially for dog lovers without dogs. Planning an activity where you can get together to take your dog on a walk, play in the park, or relax with a hot chocolate in hand is sure to be appreciated. If you both live in the Vancouver area, take a look at the best dog parks in their area. There’s something for everyone, from casual strolls, to dog-friendly hikes, as well as dog parks with plenty of pups to play with. While they may not be able to have their own dog, we bet they’ll love spending time with yours. As a bonus, you’ll get to enjoy the experience and make memories together. We think that’s a doggone great gift!

Have you found the perfect present for the dog lover in your life? With someone as thoughtful as you in their life, we’re sure they’ll appreciate whatever you come up with. After all, taking the time to think about how you can fill the dog-shaped void in their life is truly meaningful. As dog lovers, we know the joy our dogs bring to our lives, so it’s a gift to be able to share that experience. If you’re also searching for the best Gifts for Dog Lovers (rather than gifts for dog lovers without dogs), take a look at our gift guide!

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