• November 11, 2019

Gifts for Dog Lovers

Gifts for Dog Lovers

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So, you’re shopping for gifts for dog lovers? Last holiday season, we put together our first Guide to Gifts for Dog Owners. This year, we have a whole new batch of thoughtful ideas that everyone on your shopping list is sure to love and appreciate. From inexpensive stocking stuffers to major purchases, there’s a full range of options to fit with what you have in mind. If you’re shopping for someone who doesn’t have a dog, read our recommendations for Gifts for Dog Lovers Without Dogs.


There are two directions you can take here. First, your gift recipient may need a better coat to keep them comfortable while they’re walking their dog. If they already have a good option in their closet, perhaps their dog could use a coat, too. We suggest looking into waterproof dog coats to reduce the time spent drying off after a walk in the rain. Consider searching for a dog coat with reflective elements to help keep them both safe when visibility is low. Similarly, dog booties pair well with this gift idea, offering protection from hot, cold, or wet surfaces.


Dog owners with common breeds are the easiest to shop for when it comes to replicas of their furry friend. You may be able to find a plushie, keychain, or even pendant necklace that looks just like their beloved pet. It can offer comfort to carry around a reminder of your dog, and it’s also a great conversation piece. Dog lovers love to chat to their fellow kind, as we so often see at the dog park. Allow your gift recipient to carry that icebreaker with them wherever they go.


Every dog owner needs a place to keep leashes, collars, and harnesses. These items often become wet or muddy and need a spot to dry out, as well. No matter their style, you’re sure to find the perfect decorative wall hooks where they can hang their dog’s accessories. There are so many cute and creative options on the market these days that you may have trouble choosing. We suggest finding a piece that has at least 4 hooks, allowing plenty of space to organize items such as dog coats and doggy bags to hang as well.


Would your friend or loved one be interested in baking healthy homemade dog cookies? Or perhaps baking dog-shaped cookies for themself? We think this is a cute, inexpensive gift idea that’s also practical and will last for years to come. If they want to bake cookies for their dog, consider pairing this gift with a cookbook specifically focused on recipes for dog treats. When it comes to gifts for dog lovers, this one is often overlooked but always sure to be a huge hit. As a bonus, they can control exactly what their dog is consuming, which is healthier than many of the pre-made options on the market that may contain excessive preservatives or filler ingredients.


We’ve saved our favourite option for last. A little extra effort is required to create custom gifts for dog lovers, but the time and thought you put in is sure to be appreciated. Most photo labs offer more than just standard prints. Consider looking into a more creative option, such as designing a calendar, t-shirt, mug, or stickers with an image of your recipient’s dog. Most online interfaces are easy to use, and heading to your local print shop is also an option. We can guarantee this is the type of priceless gift that will be treasured forever.

Do you have any creative ideas for gifts for dog lovers? We love that dog-related gifts come in all shapes and sizes, just like our dogs. You’re sure to find something for everyone on your list, and no matter your budget you can rest assured they’ll absolutely love it. If you’re still on the hunt for more inspiration, read our previous list of Gifts for Dog Owners.

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