• October 4, 2019

Guide to Halloween Safety for Dogs

Guide to Halloween Safety for Dogs

Guide to Halloween Safety for Dogs 800 533 Superior Canine


Halloween doesn’t have to be frightful for dogs. It presents many issues that can cause undue stress, such as loud noises and large crowds, but planning ahead will help you keep your dog comfortable and safe throughout the festivities. If you choose to dress your dog in a costume, don’t forget to keep a lookout so they don’t become trapped by branches or other hazardous obstacles that could cause suffocation or injuries. Never fear, this Guide to Halloween Safety for Dogs will set you both on the right path with your best foot (or paw) forward.


Loud noises tend to scare dogs, resulting in anxious or aggressive behaviour. The best way to handle loud noises on Halloween is to try to avoid them altogether. However, we understand the deafening echoes of fireworks can permeate the walls of your home, making it seemingly impossible to provide your dog with an escape. We suggest allowing your dog to retreat to their kennel, then putting thick towels or blankets on top to muffle the sound. A white noise machine, radio, or television can also be helpful for masking the sounds of trick-or-treaters and fireworks.


Crowds pose a threat to our dogs. The hustle, bustle, and downright chaos that often comes with Halloween is especially concerning. When dogs become fearful, they will often exhibit aggressive behaviours. Just like with noise, we suggest avoiding crowds at all costs. It’s simply not worth bringing your dog trick-or-treating or to a party unless they’re exceptionally well-behaved and you know the environment will be reasonably calm and quiet. If you need to venture outside for a quick walk with your dog, keep your dog on a short leash and maintain your distance from children. There’s no harm in adding a muzzle to signal that sugar-fuelled children, sometimes in scary masks or costumes, should avoid petting or provoking your dog.


Finally, if you feel comfortable bringing your dog to enjoy Halloween festivities in a sufficiently quiet and calm environment, such as an office party, then we have some tips for you. Many dogs dislike getting dressed up, but if yours doesn’t mind then we recommend reading our list of the Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs. While you’ll have to keep an eye on your dog to make sure they stay away from all of the candy and alcohol, you can still bring along some dog treats for them to enjoy. It’s always funnier to watch a dog doing tricks when they’re dressed up in a cute or spooky costume.

Halloween is nearly here! We hope these tips help your dog stay safe and comfortable so you can focus on enjoying the fun together. Some dogs will have the best experience by avoiding the loud noises and crowds altogether, while others may be able to participate with you. How are you spending this Halloween with your dog? If you’re dressing them up, don’t forget to share your pictures with us, since we’d love to see them!

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