• March 22, 2021

Mother’s Day Dog Jokes

Mother’s Day Dog Jokes

Mother’s Day Dog Jokes 800 533 Superior Canine


These Mother’s Day dog jokes are for all of the mothers in your life, whether they’re of the four-legged variety or not. Moms are a special breed, providing the most loving and nurturing care regardless of if they have one child or a whole litter. If you want to put a smile on the faces of the mothers in your life, give them a handmade card with one of these funny dog jokes to show just how much you care. Don’t forget to add your dog’s name when you’re signing off this year’s Mother’s Day card… they’re sure to love it! After all, taking care of dogs can be a full-time job too, just like with two-legged children.

What happened to the dog who had puppies on the side of the road?

She got a ticket for littering.

Why did the stray mother dog chase her tail?

She was just trying to make ends meet.

What happened when the dog took her puppies to watch the flea circus?

They stole the show.

Why do they call it a litter of puppies?

They mess up the whole house.

What did the puppy call her parents?

Ma and paw.

What did the dog say when her puppies were pestering her for treats?

Quit hounding me.

Why did the dog put her pups in time out?

They were ruff-housing.

So, do you think mom will love these Mother’s Day dog jokes, or what? Aside from using one of these jokes to create a handmade card, you could also make her a t-shirt or other craft she can keep forever. If you enjoyed these jokes, don’t forget to check out our dog jokes for dads. We’ve got you covered when it comes to the best pet jokes and puns!

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