• October 16, 2017

Protection Sports Association: PSA 101

Protection Sports Association: PSA 101

Protection Sports Association: PSA 101 800 533 Superior Canine


Founded in 2001 by Jerry Bradshaw and Joe Morris, the Protection Sports Association (PSA) now represents a network of clubs and members across the globe. Obedience and protection dog training reside at the heart of the organization, serving as a competitive outlet through its structure of club trials and seminars, as well as regional and national competitions. Each year, the National Championship marks the pinnacle of the Protection Sports Association.


Rooted in the spirit of competition, the Protection Sports Association is guided by the values of sportsmanship and integrity. Dog/handler teams compete through trials and championships, working toward achieving their personal best. In addition to promoting healthy competition, the association strives to recognize and award achievement in the dog protection sports community. Ultimately, the PSA’s mission is to set a new standard for training excellence.


The first step toward competing in trials is to complete the PSA PDC Certificate, a mandatory entry level certificate. Judged on a pass/fail basis, it covers basic protection training for dogs that are at least 14 months old. After completing the certificate, the next steps are to earn the PSA 1, 2, and 3 titles. Each level becomes increasingly difficult to master due to the challenges and distractions faced by the dog/handler teams, as well as the surprise scenarios that are introduced by the judge. In brief, PSA 1 is the entry level protection title, whereas PSA 2 is the professional title, and PSA 3 is the competition title. Due to the tremendous demands of dog protection training, there’s a great deal of camaraderie amongst participants despite the competitive nature of the sport.


Whether you’re ready to get started in dog protection sports, or if you’re simply interested in finding more information, the official Protection Sports Association website is an excellent resource. Start off by searching the easy-to-use map to find your local PSA club. Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to browse through helpful training resources while you’re on the site.


Are you located in British Columbia, Canada? If so, we encourage you to reach out to us at Superior Canine PSA to learn more about our club. Based in Maple Ridge, our 10.5 acre facility is fully equipped for obedience and protection training. Our club welcomes participants of all levels of experience, as well as dogs of all breeds, as long as they’re physically and medically sound. Find out more about Superior Canine PSA, then contact our head trainer Aaron Kemp to get started.