Free temperament test and evaluation. Learn more about your dog’s temperament and his or her future in protection work. Head trainer Aaron Kemp is extremely well versed in testing dogs and reading their behaviour. He will do everything he can to help you reach your canine goals.


Develop and expand inborn drives. Develop your dog’s prey and defence drive. Your dog will learn to work confidently, channeling between these two drives. Obedience and control work will be incorporated into protection to allow the owner the ability to handle the increased level of drive (motivation) created.


Sport specific and personal protection. Superior Canine offers a wide range of protection training options such as Bark Alert Training, Proximity Alert Training, Police K9 Training, Security K9 Training and Personal Protection Dog Training. We also provide Sport Specific Training for PSA (Protection Sports Association).

Tier 1)  1 Hour Private Session – $100

Ideal for the owner that wishes to gain one-on-one instruction. The owner will work with their dog during the protection training session and learn about proper handling procedures, drive development, animal behaviour and protection principles.

Tier 2)  5 Private Session Package – $400

We offer training packages to reduce your cost. A 5 private training session package saves $100 and reduces the cost of each session to $80.

Tier 3)  In-Board Training – $400 per week

Ideal for the working professional wanting to have the protection training completed by our head trainer and knowledgeable staff. This option is subject to a Free Temperament Test and Evaluation as a steady nerved dog is the best fit for this service. Your dog will receive a minimum of 2 Protection Training Sessions per day, a minimum of 10 sessions per week. Owners choosing this option keep their dogs with us for weeks at a time as this process can take upwards of 2 to 3 months. Upon the completion of your dog’s in-board schooling, you will get 3 free one-on-one training sessions to teach you about your dog’s new abilities and commands.