• July 21, 2020

Safe Summer Activities with your Dog During COVID-19

Safe Summer Activities with your Dog During COVID-19

Safe Summer Activities with your Dog During COVID-19 800 534 Superior Canine


We’re strong advocates that dogs make life better. While the pandemic has brought in an unprecedented wave of boredom and isolation, you’re never alone when you have a pet. They’re always around to console and entertain you. Even though it’s best practice to keep your distance from other people, you can still count on having a great time with man’s best friend – your dog. Keep reading for a list of safe summer activities you can do with your dog during COVID-19.


This one’s a win-win! If your dog enjoys swimming, try visiting a lake or beach during non-peak hours. You can stay safe by avoiding the crowds of sun tanners and swimmers, plus your dog is sure to enjoy having extra room to play. You may find it a little too cool to swim in the early morning, but if your dog doesn’t mind then it’s the perfect time to visit. Scroll through our Guide to Local Dog Parks to uncover plenty of dog-friendly swimming spots in the Lower Mainland.


Another safe summer activity with your dog during COVID-19 is hiking, of course. Just like with swimming, we suggest switching up your schedule to avoid busy times on the hiking trails. Along with a mask and hand sanitizer, don’t forget to pack water, collapsible bowls, snacks, bug spray, and sunscreen. You can never be too prepared when you hit the trails. Always remember to follow the marked signage and keep your distance from other hikers.


Diversifying your training locations is hugely beneficial for your dog’s learning. It helps to generalize commands to different settings, which is essential for real life obedience applications. Why not check out a different local dog park every week to fit in a training session? It’s mentally stimulating for both yourself and your dog, allowing you both to keep boredom at bay. As a bonus, you can fit in a quick training session at any time of day or night, and you don’t need to worry about interacting outside of your bubble.


In British Columbia, we’re following the guidance of our experts. If you’re allowed to have small gatherings and you feel comfortable doing so, it’s currently suggested that you keep your group small and stay at a distance outdoors. If you ask us, this sounds great for a backyard barbecue. Dogs may become overwhelmed by large gatherings anyway, so keeping it small and quiet means you can let your dog play and socialize. This is another one of the safe summer activities with your dog during COVID-19.

From all of us at Superior Canine, we hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during these difficult times. If you have the pleasure of having a dog in your life, we hope these ideas help you make the most of the limited summer activities we can do in 2020. It’s not worth risking exposure to Coronavirus, but the good news is that there are still plenty of fun ways to stay active and bond with your dog, all while maintaining your distance from people outside of your bubble.

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