• January 10, 2020

Spring Activities With Your Dog in Vancouver

Spring Activities With Your Dog in Vancouver

Spring Activities With Your Dog in Vancouver 800 534 Superior Canine


Have you had enough of winter hibernation? Are you and your dog suffering from a bad bout of cabin fever? You’re sure to enjoy these spring activities with your dog in Vancouver. While we’re lucky to have mild winters, there’s something you just can’t beat about a sunny day in the city. The natural beauty of the local landscape sets the perfect background for any outdoor activity, so we’ve put together our favourite ways to take advantage of it.


Spring has sprung, and there are an abundance of sights, sounds, and smells to enjoy outdoors… so where do you begin? Even a simple walk around the block or trip to your usual dog parks looks and feels much better in nice weather. Take the time to appreciate the little things around your neighbourhood and look at them in a new light. We promise your dog will never get too bored of exploring. After all, there are always new scents to check out.


If you’re ready to head beyond your local dog park, we know tons of other dog-friendly parks, beaches, and hikes for you to discover. Start off by reading our Guide to Local Dog Parks in Vancouver to get a sense of what’s in your area. If you can’t pick, try a new spot every weekend or try flipping a coin to choose between options. No matter what direction you pick, heading off with your dog in tow is sure to be a great bonding experience. After a long winter, there’s nothing better than getting back to the fun of exploring the great outdoors.


Feeling social? This spring, put yourself and your pet out there by attending a local MeetUp. The event calendar is always packed full of dog-friendly events. We love chatting with fellow dog owners to get the down low on new trails, activities, and pet shops in the city. While there’s a bit of a reputation that it’s hard to meet new people in Vancouver, you’ll find it much easier when you can connect through your mutual love of dogs. Everyone loves dogs, right?


The annual Pet Lover Show is held just one hour outside of the city in Abbotsford. Attend shows, browse vendors, and build your network of dog-focused businesses in the city. We always come home with some new goodies for our pets. You’ll find an endless array of toys, treats, and accessories that you may not have seen anywhere else. If you’re heading to Tradex from downtown, make a day of it by stopping for lunch and enjoying the outing.


RunGo Dash For Dogs is an incredible initiative. Supporting BC and Alberta Guide Dogs, this guided run or walk takes place in the scenic Stanley Park. Located in downtown Vancouver, this central destination is easy to access. Choose from 2km, 5km, or 10km and go at your own pace. You’re welcome to participate with your on-leash dog as long as they’re respectful of the working guide dogs. Visit their website to find out more about how to register for this great cause.

What are your favourite spring activities with your dog in Vancouver? As spring approaches, the balmy weather is sure to call you back to your favourite dog parks. If you’re looking for more suggestions, you can read our list of the best Spring Activities With Your Dog in BC. No matter where you choose to explore, it’s always fun to spend time with your dog in the city. From jogging on the Stanley Park seawall to heading to the Pet Lover Show, we’re lucky to have so many opportunities to celebrate our furry friends in Vancouver.

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