• March 16, 2020

Spring in Your Step: Best Dog Toys for Physical Exercise

Spring in Your Step: Best Dog Toys for Physical Exercise

Spring in Your Step: Best Dog Toys for Physical Exercise 800 534 Superior Canine


You’re sure to put some spring in your dog’s step with our recommendations for the best dog toys for physical exercise. We’ve gone beyond the typical tennis ball to find toys that are innovative, portable, and fun to use. We already covered dog toys that are designed for mental stimulation, so make sure you check out that list as well. When your dog’s mental and physical wellbeing is cared for, you’re likely to reap the rewards of a happy, healthy dog.


Get some easy extra distance on your next throw by using a frisbee or fetch stick. Either option will get your dog covering a lot of ground with minimal effort on your part. Frisbees are easy for some dogs to catch midair, while fetch sticks can help you throw a tennis ball much further than you would normally. Both options are affordable and lightweight, making them perfect to store in your car or pack along for your next dog walk. Just make sure you keep your dog on a lengthy leash or take them to an off-leash designated area if they’re well-behaved.


Floating balls and other water toys can really help get your dog into shape. The buoyancy and resistance provided by playing in the water can offer a healthy, safe way to get your dog fit without putting too much strain on their joints. Always be sure to give your dog a ramp or stairs so they can exit the water safely at any time. You may want to see if there are any dog-friendly beaches or other swimming areas in your area to take full advantage of water toys.


There never seems to be enough time in the day. If you’re already investing a lot of time into dog walks, preparing healthy meals, and training, then you’ll love the convenience added by an automatic ball launcher. While it’s always fun to play a game of fetch with your dog, it’s likely your dog will want to keep playing long after you’re done. Now you can set up a machine to keep the fun and games going either indoors or outdoors. It’s a great way to give your dog’s fitness an extra boost outside of your already busy schedule.

Now that we’ve summed up the best dog toys for physical exercise, you have plenty of options for keeping your dog fit while having fun at the same time. As a bonus, look into innovative accessories such as a reflective leash and harness so you can safely walk your dog at any time of day or night while remaining visible to cars. Collapsible water bowls are another helpful accessory that will keep your dog hydrated without the hassle of adding too much weight to your bag. No matter how you choose to keep your dog active, you’re sure to enjoy the benefits. After all, a tired dog is a good dog.

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