• October 3, 2017

Superior Canine Conference 2017

Superior Canine Conference 2017

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Given our passion for continued learning and growth, we set out to push the boundaries by launching a multi-day conference unlike any other. Not only was it the first event of its kind in British Columbia, the inaugural Superior Canine Conference broke records in attendance across Canada.

We’re incredibly proud of the local dog community for coming together for 3 action-packed days of lectures and workshops. Lead by world renowned trainer Jerry Bradshaw, the learning environment was truly inclusive, encompassing a variety of topics including bitework, agility, and obedience. This year’s attendees were equally diverse, ranging from police K9 officers, to dog sport competitors, to security and protection handlers.

The entirety of the conference was hosted at the University of Fraser Valley (UFV) campus. Spanning across versatile lecture halls and a 5,000 square foot field, there was plenty of opportunity for hands-on participation and learning. All in all, the dog/handler teams made unprecedented progress, a tribute to the hard work of Jerry and all of the participants.


Jerry Bradshaw, founder of Tarheel Canine in North Carolina, is a talented educator who shares our passion for lifelong learning. In fact, he’s no stranger to the classroom. As a former economics professor, Jerry’s background in academia explains his ability to convey knowledge in a way that’s easy to learn and understand, even during a rigorous 3-day conference format.

While the Superior Canine Seminar’s participants varied in their level of experience and specialization, the atmosphere remained personal and inclusive. Thanks to Jerry’s comprehensive skill set, we were well-equipped to handle even the toughest challenges. Working with Jerry is nothing less than a transformative experience, as demonstrated by our participants who tackled seemingly insurmountable hurdles and made progress in numerous facets.


The format of the conference allowed us to explore any question or curiosity as it arose. Each day consisted of theory-based lectures in the morning, then progressed to workshops in the afternoon. As anticipated, bitework was a primary focus. We worked through a variety of concepts, including outing problems, bite mechanics, and targeting to name a few. The conference was also fully equipped to handle agility training, with all of the essentials such as A-frames, walks, and an assortment of jumps. Finally, obedience was a fundamental component, delving into topics such as engagement, facial attention, impulse control, and how to effectively structure training sessions.


There were so many highlights of the first ever Superior Canine Conference that it’s nearly impossible to narrow it down to our favourite moment. As a whole, we’re proud of all of the attendees for building an inclusive environment that genuinely united the diverse dog community. In addition, the workshop component itself was unforgettable. Witnessing Jerry’s expertise was nothing short of inspiring, as he diagnosed and formulated plans for 15 dogs right on the spot, contributing to real growth and improvement. Finally, it was an honour to watch our head trainer Aaron Kemp act as the primary decoy, catching a total of 15 dogs per afternoon and 160 bites throughout the weekend.


We’re proud to have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community:

Thank you Aaron Kemp and Superior Canine for providing essential aspects of drive capping and drive neutrality with Jerry Bradshaw in a well organized learning environment.  Both Aaron and Jerry were able to assess and read individual dogs and assist with progression in their training.  The morning lectures provided theory which was demonstrated and clarified in the working sessions.  This invaluable seminar provided a strategy for future training, problem solving  and insights into a more controlled, engaged dog. – J Clements

Czar and I attended the Jerry Bradshaw working dog seminar hosted by Superior Canine. It was a knowledge packed weekend. We learned about drive capping and drive neutrality, obedience theory and problem solving. The workshop was well organized, full of new ideas to shape and help problem solve issues. Jerry helped Czar on his “Outing” issues, as well as creating a stronger focus. I am a green handler when it comes to protection sport dogs; the tools learned in this weekend will help me in the long run as owner and competitor in PSA. The workshop was very educational and easy to understand, all my questions were answered to the full extent of Jerry’s endless knowledge. We look forward to applying the education learned that weekend to our upcoming trials. Can’t wait for next year’s seminar! – Ashley Bailey


From all of us at Superior Canine, we want to extend a sincere thank you for everyone’s support and participation. We appreciate all of the attendees for pushing the boundaries and embracing the Superior Canine Conference as a transformative experience. Every individual contributed to the learning environment, as did the participation of the Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Saanich police departments. Finally, we would like to thank the University of Fraser Valley for providing an excellent venue to host our event. All in all, together we built the foundation for future conferences, and we’re truly excited to showcase more world-class talent.

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