• December 19, 2017

Superior Canine Gives Back

Superior Canine Gives Back

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We’re strong believers in giving back to our local community. It’s important to stand behind your values, which is why we’re committed to providing annual donations to great causes through the launch of our Superior Canine Gives Back program. Every year we’ll select an organization to support based on our team’s feedback. With so many incredible non-profit initiatives, we encourage you to get involved too. Whether you choose to donate time, money, or resources, it’s certain to create a positive impact in your community that will be appreciated by many.


Food Banks BC plays a crucial role in supporting the local community through education, empowerment, and sustainability. Not only does this organization provide essential food items to those in need, they also offer education and training. They’re dedicated to promoting healthy foods, including how to select and prepare nutritious meals. The focus points of their programs range from empowering children, to developing food preparation skills, to recovering food from farms, food wholesalers, and businesses. The workshops, events, and programs developed by Food Banks BC further showcase why this organization has a multitude of benefits with a positive long-term impact. If you’re interested in learning more about food banks in your area, we strongly recommend reaching out to ask questions and get involved.


This year, we’re proud to have donated over 300 non-perishable goods to help support those in need through the hard-working team at Food Banks BC. We were greeted by the friendly Z95.3 team on-site at Sprott Shaw College in Vancouver to facilitate the delivery. Not only does giving back directly benefit the people who need it most, it creates a powerful ripple effect through the community. Taking the time to get your friends, family, and colleagues together to support a cause is one of the most wonderful activities you can do together during the holiday season.

No matter how you choose to get involved, we would love to hear about your efforts. Let us know which organizations you support and they may be selected as a recipient for our annual donation through our Superior Canine Gives Back program!