• January 12, 2021

Winter Dog Jokes

Winter Dog Jokes

Winter Dog Jokes 800 533 Superior Canine


Dreary, cold, and dark, the winter has a way of causing us all to feel a little down at times. Once the holidays have come and gone, there always seems to be a quiet void in the early months of the year. Not to fret, we’re here with positively hilarious winter dog jokes to cheer you right up. Dogs don’t need to try to be funny. Goofy, clumsy, and downright mischievous, they gladly take on the starring role in plenty of popular comedies. We hope you enjoy these funny pup jokes!

During the winter, what’s one thing a dog can’t leave the house without?

His coat.

Why was the dog named Frost?

Because Frost bites!

What do you call a winter litter?

Slush puppies.

Why didn’t the dog like shopping for winter gear?

He had to buy two pairs of boots.

What do sled dogs and your nose have in common?

They both run when it’s cold.

Why did the dog need to wear a sweater?

She was a chili dog.

Where do sled dogs get trained?

In the mush-room.

Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?

Fo’ drizzle.

Why don’t dogs feel blue in the winter?

They always try to stay pawsitive.

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