Boarding Vacation Stays are available to Alumni of our Canine College Programs. Students coming back for Boarding are the beneficiaries of three nature trail walks per day, seven days per week. In addition to this we provide Maintenance Training of the College Curriculum the Student is a Graduate of during their Boarding Vacation Stay. Whether that’s On-Leash Obedience, Off-Leash Obedience, Protection, Detection or Tracking, your dog will receive refresher training during their time with us.

• All breeds, temperaments, and behavioural issues are welcome
• Customized care to accommodate dog’s unique needs
• An experienced and loving staff

Feeding & Care

Our staff is trained to administer medications, as well as to follow intricate feeding and handling guidelines. Medication administration is complimentary, at no cost to the owner. When you choose dog boarding services with Superior Canine, you can trust your companion is in good hands.

Like Our Own

While your dog is boarding with us, they are treated as if they are our own. Think of your dog as being on vacation, staying with his or her surrogate family. We make every possible effort to ensure your dog adjusts to our environment and staff, allowing you peace of mind while you’re away.


Your dog will enjoy multiple walks, exercise, and socialization during every day of his or her stay. After all, a tired dog is a happy dog. Dog walking and exercise promote both physical and mental health, allowing your dog’s mind to stay occupied and reducing the potential for destructive or anxious behaviour while staying with us.

A Dog Home

Your dog will live in a household environment, integrated into our head trainer Aaron Kemp’s home. Similar to traditional dog sitting where your pet stays in their own house, providing a home environment is beneficial for your dog’s overall well-being. Separation can be stressful for many dogs, which is why our team emphasizes the importance of creating a comfortable environment.

Contact Us Today!

We love dogs and we are here to support you no matter the challenges. We are happy to chat with you about your specific training needs, and create a custom plan that works.

Our Maple Ridge training facility is on a 10.5 acre campus, including a full agility course, training fields, indoor training buildings, a full set of vehicles, and acres of rural forest for trail hikes, rural tracking, and search and rescue training.