The programs in our school for dog trainers can be modified and combined. Classes are 4 hours in duration at minimum. Class dates and times can be flexible. Our 10.5 acre training centre is located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.


We provide maintenance training for corporate clients and their K9 Units and will schedule your instruction as conveniently for you around this training. If your desired training discipline coincides with the training goals of the unit’s training, you will take part as an instructor’s assistant in the maintenance training.


If you would like to learn how to train something specific that is not listed in the programs list, we can create a program for you to reach your education goals.


Aaron Kemp is the Owner and Training Director of Superior Canine Training Inc. He has been training dogs for Security K9 Patrol, Detection, Sport Obedience, Bite-work, Tracking, Nose Work and Police K9 Application for over a decade.

Specializing in the remediation of engrained, hard-to-fix behavior problems, Aaron works with approximately 130 problematic and aggressive dogs annually.

Aaron Kemp is a certified PSA Decoy who has decoyed PSA trials internationally and has Co-Authored an article published in Working Dog Magazine on Indirect Vs. Direct Reward Training Protocols in Detection.

In addition to giving dog training seminars in Canada, the United States and internationally in South Africa. Aaron is also a regular guest speaker on the Controlled Aggression Podcast usually speaking on the remediation of behavior issues, training procedures and business ownership.

Accelerated Decoy Training Course

12 Classes. 56 Hours of Instruction. $3,900.

Learn to Decoy for Police, Security and Sport K9’s.

Obedience and Behavior Modification Professional Trainers Course

20 Classes. 80 Hours of Instruction. $3,900.

40 Classes. 160 Hours of Instruction. $7,500.

Learn to diagnose behavior problems, create training curriculums, and remediate engrained behavior issues including, but not limited to, aggression, predation, and severe anxiety.

Bite-Work Professional Trainers Course

20 Classes. 80 Hours of Instruction. $6,400.

40 Classes. 160 Hours of Instruction. $12,800.

Learn to evaluate and develop working dogs from novice to advanced bite-work into scenario-based training given the K9’s intended application.

Detection Professional Trainers Course

40 Classes. 160 Hours of Instruction. $12,800.

50 Classes. 200 Hours of Instruction. $16,000.

Learn to evaluate and develop detection K9 prospects from novice to advanced detection proficiency. Graduate with a step-by-step training blueprint.

Search and Rescue Professional Trainers Course

25 Classes. 100 Hours of Instruction. $8,000.

Learn to evaluate and develop SAR K9 prospects from novice to an advanced rural and urban live find SAR K9.